Personal Protective Equipment

Head Protection - Safety hats. Caps for impact, bump caps etc.

Eye Protection - Safety specs. Goggles for impact, chemical, welding, chipping, dust and sprays etc.

Face Protection - Full face shield protectors for high impact, heat or chemical splash. Welding helmets and sheilds.

Respiratory Protection - Hoods and masks disposable and air supplied for dust, chemical, gases. Self contained breathing apparatus. Air purifiers & gas detection equipment.

Hand Protection - Leather welders. Cotton drill and freezer gloves, knitted cotton gloves men and women. P.V.C. rubber, neoprene etc. for chemical applications, electrical etc. Kevlar and aluminised gloves for heat and flame. Non- cut whizard and chain mesh gloves. Kevlar. Cotton, leather and P.V.C. gardening gloves for men and women.

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Workwear - Overalls, shirts and trousers. Winter work coats and jackets. High visibility safety vests, jackets and singlets etc.

Waterproof - P.V.C and nylon waterproof jackets, coats and trousers. Combination overalls and hoods. Light duty and heavy-weights.

Special Industry - Leather welders clothing, spats, jackets. Heat & flame clothing. Freezer wear clothing. Disposable clothing.

Aprons - Leather welding aprons. P.V.C. aprons heavy and light. Canvas, drill and boning. P.V.C. and drill armsleeves.

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Safety - Leather industrial safety footwear for men and women, heavy and light-weight, executive styles. Boots and shoes all major brands.

Non-Safety - Leather work boots and shoes. Soft toe styles for industry, farm and home. Hiking styles.

Waterproof - P.V.C. and rubber styles for men and women. Gum boots for industry, farm and home. Safety and soft toe styles.

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Fire Protection

Fire extinguishers and blankets, safety cans and storage cabinets for flammable liquids, storage and handling. Welding curtains and drapes. Gas and smoke detection.

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Height Safety

Body harnesses, belts, ropes and lanyards. Hooks, slings and rescue equipment. Pulleys.

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Signs and Safety Tapes

Safety signs, messages and warnings. Metal, P.V.C., self-adhesive. Warning tapes. Hazchem signs. Custom signs.

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First Aid

First aid kits and cabinets. Air splints and stretchers.

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Tools and Appliances

Safety showers and eyewash units. Safety torches and lights. Non-spark tools.

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Non-slip matting. Belts. Knee pads. Ice ties. Cool packs etc.

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